ALTEC is a European key player for Low-Earth Orbit human space flight service provision and intends to lead and support the emerging opportunities provided within the so-called LEO marketplace leveraging its heritage, knowledge, assets and skills to pursue LEO access democratization.


Leveraging on the initiatives developed in the frame of ISS and Human Space Flight, ALTEC aims at support future activities and next exploration endeavors on Moon, being it in cis-lunar orbit or on Lunar surface, in order to realise a permanent and sustainable human presence on Earth’s satellite, as well as a sustainable access and exploitation to its resources. Moon is not just a stepping stone for future ambitious exploration programmes, rather ALTEC considered it as a target for Human Exploration.


ALTEC is a key European player for robotic exploration activities, thanks to its assets and skills gathered in supporting European and Italian Space Agencies initiatives on the red planet. Robotic exploration however is a first step toward a more ambitious goal, that seeks to bring humans onto the Martian surface. ALTEC intends to support this future endeavor by exploiting all know-how and experience matured throughout the years in both Human Space Flight and Martian exploration.


Universe is still nowadays mostly explored and investigated through fascinating missions that, thanks to scientific satellites, help us in improving our knowledge and awareness of the outer space. ALTEC started in early 2010s decade to support the Italian Space Agency in retrieving, processing and exploiting the enormous quantity of data generated by these missions, to extract meaningful information. ALTEC will support future scientific missions through its advanced data processing capabilities, to further expand Human knowledge of the Universe.