ALTEC is involved in the definition, implementation and operations of several Ground Segment projects in close collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI). Today ALTEC is operating dedicated centers for the support to the International Space Station (ISS) in strict collaboration with NASA Mission Control Center in Houston and the ESA Columbus Control Center in Germany, as well as dedicated centers for the data processing of scientific data (GAIA DPCT and METIS Operations Facility). In parallel the ExoMars ROCC, the Space Rider P/L and Landing Control Center as well as the Euclid SDC (an HPC infrastructure) are under implementation.
Network interconnections and information security are of paramount relevance in all these projects, and are managed at international level by all partners, applying state-of-the art solutions and processes.
The Information System group is in charge of managing network and security aspects for all centers, working in strict coordination with their international counterpart, and following the established processes of the ISO27001 information security standard.


    You will directly collaborate with the Company Security officer to manage network and security for all mission operations and data processing centers, as well as the one related to the Company itself.

    You will interface with entities and groups at international level, in particular with NASA and ESA boards for security related matters of the specific space mission Ground Segment.

    You will work with start-of-art technologies in network, security, computing and storage system (Cisco, HPE, etc…), supporting system administration tasks.

    You will identify and address network and security requirements and implementation solutions to be applied to the new ground segment data systems and control center under development.

    You will be expected to endeavor for innovation and excellence in network and security engineering within the aerospace domain.


        • A MSc or equivalent degree in Computer / Electronics / Telecommunications Engineering with high score and with specific path in the field of network and cybersecurity.
        • Deep knowledge of network protocols, international standards, devices and major network architectural implementation (cabled and wireless) and network monitoring systems. 
        • Knowledge of security standards, protocols and their implementations.
        • Knowledge of firewalls, IDS systems implementation (in particular on the PfSense platform).
        • Knowledge of Linux and Windows O.S., with their security features, and administration capabilities.
        • Knowledge and ability to use of the security tools for vulnerability identification and assessment (e.g. Tenable Nessus or OpenVAS).
        • Knowledge of virtualization environment and container technologies, with network and security focus.
        • Knowledge of scripting languages (Bash, Pyhton, PHP, etc…), Ansible and orchestration language as well programming language (C, C++, JAVA, Python, etc.) and associated development environments (gitlab, sonarqube).
        • Knowledge of model-based techniques for systems design (e.g. UML standards).


        • Problem Solving
        • Result oriented
        • Operational efficiency
        • Effective communication
        • Teamwork
        • Adaptability
        • Continuous Improvement


      • Cisco certifications, such as CNNA, are considered a plus.
      • Network and security related certifications.