ALTEC is looking for a Facility Assistant, to support the Facility Manager, to oversee all building related activities with the aim of maintaining the good condition of the infrastructure and that the facilities are safe and functioning properly.
The work environment in which you will work will be particularly stimulating, having to support ambitious projects in the space sector by collaborating in the definition of ground infrastructures.
The ideal candidate must possess organizational skills and be able to act cooperatively by establishing a fruitful collaboration with their interlocutors.


The main goal is to ensure our business’s location is safe and able to guarantee    employees the best working conditions. 

You will be part of the team in charge of Facilities & General Services.

Main tasks:

  • Preparation of technical specifications, feasibility studies for new projects involving the facilities, user manuals, supplier activity reports, procedures for plant management and safety

  • Cooperate to optimize the use of space and equipment while reducing management costs. 

  • Promote solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce waste

  • Inspecting buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations

  • Actively contribute to planning and coordinating all installations and refurbishments

  • Managing the upkeep of equipment and supplies in compliance with low or regulation

  • Suppliers’ follow-up during maintenance, repair, and installation activities

  • Ensure that buildings and grounds are clean and safe 

  • Ensure the application of Company standard of quality and safety  for equipment and supplies

  • Work closely with engineering and project manager to understand their needs

  • Create a maintenance plan for newly installed equipment

  • Responsible for small packages movements also through the use of trolleys and pallet trucks


  • A Degree or a Technical Expert with knowledge in thermo-mechanical and electrical-electronic fields or a related field are a preferential title.
  • Ability to interpret technical drawings and specifications.
  • Knowledge of Autocad
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word – Excel – PowerPoints and an email platform


  • Leadership skills and good efficiency are a plus.
  • Able to build relationships with colleagues creating a culture of collaboration
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Good communicators, proactive and transparent


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience
  • Fluency in English
  • Have a safety-focused mindset
  • Flexibility with their work hours