ALTEC is looking for an Engineer or other technical Master Degree (m/f) in order to fulfil the Crew Instructor position within the Training Team at ESA EAC Cologne/Germany.  

The Crew Instructor Tasks are mainly dedicated to: 1- develop and deliver lessons for Crew and Ground Control Personnel certification on ESA ISS Modules and experiments; support preparation and participate to European and Joint Integrated Simulation aimed to certify the ESA personnel. As an evolution of the Crew Instructor job two additional possible tasks could be envisaged: 2-perform ECOS tasks to support the EAC ESA experiments preparation and execution on board.; 3- perform EUROCOM tasks as part of the Columbus Flight Control Team.


1- Crew Instructor main task

The Crew Instructor position main tasks are:

  • Prepare lessons dedicated to ISS Crew members, Commercial astronauts and Ground Support personnel on ESA modules or experiments according to the rules and templates defined by the ESA Instructor Training Course.

  • Maintain/revise existing lessons assigned to him/her as book-captain to make sure that they are always up to date.

  • Certify for new and existing lessons from the Crew and Ground Support Personnel Training catalogues as prime or backup instructor, as needed by the Instructor Training Team.

  • Deliver certified lessons to Crew members visiting EAC or Ground Support Personnel that need certification.

  • Support preparation of European Simulations (internal to ESA teams and COL-CC) and Joint Integrated Simulations (in collaboration with the other ISS partners, mainly NASA but also RSA, CSA and JAXA), collaborating to the simulation scenario preparation (selection of tasks and procedures to be performed during the simulation) and selection of potential failures to be injected during the sim using dedicated simulators.

  • Participate to European and Joint Integrated Simulations according to the schedule agreed within the Crew Instructor Team, interpreting the assigned role (observer to evaluate the certification of dedicated positions or crew surrogate).

2- ECOS main task

The ECOS (EAC Crew Operations Support) team is in charge of operations preparation and real-time support for technological demonstrators in the field of crew support, medical support and new on-board training tools. Instructors from the training service will provide technical support for ops preparation based on their knowledge from doing the training for the respective hardware and tools and will act as certified ECOS OPS on console for real-time support. Main tasks are:

  • Support Principal Investigators and the Payload Developers in the development and preparation of new European experiments to be performed on ISS, ensuring the application of ESA rules and schedules in accordance with other ISS partners.

  • Support testing of hw and sw related activities, provision of Training model (as needed) and collect information for the preparation of training lessons if required.

  • Prepare and validate experiment procedures

  • Support the on orbit execution on console interfacing with all entities involved

This activity is mainly assigned to experienced instructors as an evolution of the Crew Instructor position.

3- EUROCOM main task

The EUROCOM position is the main interface of the COL-CC with the crew on board ISS. 

The EUROCOM main tasks are:

  • Support on console and off line the Crew scheduled activities involving ESA modules and experiments execution. 

  • Support the procedure execution providing as needed additional /up to date information to the Crew to facilitate the task.

  • Support the crew in reacting to off nominal and emergency situation that might occur during the task execution

  • Perform on-console shifts as planned by the EUROCOM team schedule during Orbit 1 and Orbit 2 activities (mainly during office hours but including as exception case support provided during week-ends and holidays as needed).

  • Perform offline and on call activities as required by the EUROCOM team schedule. These activities are mainly related to the preparation of the on-console activities (gaining a deep knowledge on planned procedures, flight notes, CITs, etc…) to be able to successfully support the on-console activities.

  • Interact with all other console positions of the COL-CC (Flight Director, STRATOS, COSMOs, PASOs, etc..) for all on-orbit planned activities.

This activity is mainly assigned to experienced instructors as an evolution of the Crew Instructor position and requires a specific certification according to the ESA EUROCOM Training and Certification Plan.


The Crew Instructor will be certified after a period of training lasting up to one year. The training will consist mainly on lessons, simulations on-console and training-on-the-job at the main site or on other ESA/NASA sites. The participation to the ESA Instructor Training Course is mandatory as well as an initial dry run of one lesson taught in front of the Crew Instructor Team to assess teaching skills of the candidate.


A University degree in an engineering or technical discipline is required.


Required skills:

  • Ability to work in a multinational team
  • Good communication, planning and reporting skills
  • Experience in Human Space Flight (preferred)
  • Willingness to work on console during shift time

 Additional personal skills required:

  • System-minded and a team player
  • Able to work in an interdisciplinary team
  • Self-starter, able to work independently with little or no supervision
  • Fluent in English, both in speech and writing
  • German language skills would be an asset