Position Title: Application Interface Engineer

ALTEC is involved in several Science and Technological Programme in the aerospace domain where scientific and technological applications are parts of the ground segment to fulfill the space mission objectives and feed end-users with data products and extracted information. Scientific applications are typical components in science ground segment and have the scope to support observations acquisition and transform observations taken onboard into validated data products for the science community.

The Data Processing System and Scientific and Technological Application group host the engineers, physicists and mathematicians who oversee the space mission data systems and applications from definition to end of operations; it develops the data systems for the missions and support execution of science operations on ground; it integrates scientific application and develop technological application to support and it archives and curates their data during operations and beyond. Moreover, the group is involved in the post-mission data exploitation in order to create application devoted to maximize the information value extracted from collected data. 


    You will be in charge of all engineering aspects of defining, implementing and / or integrating and validating scientific and technological applications in areas such as solar physics, astrophysics and space radiation.

    You will work in close collaboration with the data engineers, data scientists, mission operators and infrastructure engineer during project phases.

    You will be expected to be the main interface to the community of application end-users and will have to manage the technical interactions with them during the execution of projects.


    A MSc or equivalent degree in physics or engineering with high score.

    Ability to define a scientific application in terms of:

    • scientific requirements understanding,
    • gathering and analysis of scientific requirements,
    • definition of the application,
    • data selection, exploration and pre-processing
    • integration of scientific processing algorithms,
      • decomposition of algorithms into processing blocks
      • definition of data interfaces between modules,
    • definition and implementation of validation campaigns for scientific applications

    Ability to define a technological application in terms of:

    • understanding user requirements,
    • collection and analysis of technical requirements,
    • definition of the application,
    • data selection, exploration and pre-processing,
    • definition of algorithms for technological application:
      • decomposition of algorithms into processing blocks
      • definition of data interfaces between modules,
    • implementation of the algorithms required by the application,
    • integration of the algorithms developed for processing pipelines,
    • definition and implementation of validation campaigns for technological applications.

    Ability to use scientific applications in operations tracking issue and defining their evolution roadmap

    Knowledge of object-oriented and functional programming with coding experience in at least one of the following languages:  Java, python and C++.

    Knowledge of image processing algorithms and techniques applied in academic or industrial projects.

    Knowledge of relational database and SQL language.

    Knowledge of data analysis and manipulation tools (e.g. Pandas)

    Ability to use the following development tool: Notebook, gitlab, etc..

    Knowledge of the Linux operating system and scripting languages.

    Knowledge of container technology included orchestration aspects (i.e. Docker)

    Good knowledge of the English language.


    • Problem Solving
    • Result oriented
    • Operational efficiency
    • Fostering Cooperation
    • Relationship Management
    • Continuous Improvement


    Knowledge of ECSS standards

    Involvement on scientific missions with a role on data processing area