We are looking for young engineers to join our Integrated Logistic unit, which provides Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) for the International Space Station (ISS) exploitation activities, both at European and national level.  

At European level, in the frame of Columbus Logistic Support, ALTEC has been assigned by the European Space Agency (ESA) as the ISS European Logistics Center, which is in charge of Warehousing & Inventory of all ESA components and spares, planning and implementation of transport of ESA ISS Programme  hardware, performing Cargo Review of ESA cargo to be launched on ISS, flight packing definition and implementation, maintenance planning and stowage management. At National level, in the frame of the bi-lateral agreement with NASA, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) has assigned to ALTEC the task of providing the sustaining engineering support to NASA for PMM module, dealing with the support to Maintenance activities operated by NASA, monitoring of operational life of critical HW in PMM in view of the life extension of the Module up to the end of ISS operations, monitoring of stowage in PMM.  These activities represent today one of the basis for the ALTEC involvement in the new Space Economy opportunities, such as Commercial Space Stations and the new mission to the Moon. 

We’re looking for people motivated to have a systemic view of the Space Systems supported by our group and provide a highly reliable service to daily operations on orbit from the beginning of the operational life of an infrastructure element or payload up to its end-of-life. The Integrated Logistic Unit at ALTEC provides the Inventory & Warehouse, the PHS&T, the Maintenance and the Ground Logistics Manager to ESA, AIV Manager for several ALTEC Programs, Logistic Manager to ASI via the UTISS Program. These functions are interconnected and the team work guarantee the growth of internal knowledge and the readiness of all the team members to the new challenges raised by the Space Exploration.


  • Management of warehousing for ISS’ flight HW, including inspections, cataloguing and inventory tasks

  • Support to setup and management of transportation services of Flight HW to/from launch/landing sites, including paperwork and packaging preparation

  • Support in the definition of maintenance requirements, preparation of maintenance plans, tracking of maintenance activities both for on-orbit and on-ground HW

  • Support for the activities for preparation and verification of cargo to be launched to the ISS

  • Involvement in the definition and development of Integrated Logistics Support advanced SW, tools and technologies for Moon and Mars exploration  

  • Involvement for the L&M activities to be performed for ASI payload to be developed for Italian Astronaut Mission

  • Support to the development and test of new Logistic Information System-Upgrade

  • Involvement in internal research programs on new technologies and systems applied to Logistic support (i.e. RFID)


  • Knowledge of maintainability and supportability aspects relevant to complex aerospace systems 
  • Good English speaking and writing
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word, Excel, Power point)
  • Basic knowledge of CAD SW (e.g. Creo, Catia…) 


  • Team working
  • Customer relationship building
  • Proactivity
  • Accuracy and focus to details 
  • Inclination to problem solving 
  • Flexibility


  • Basic knowledge of on-board systems and avionics
  • Design of Integrated Aerospace systems 
  • Dexterity to support cargo flight packaging preparation
  • Autonomy in searching useful technical data
  • Travel will be required