Use-it-wisely (UIW) is an EC FP7 project aimed at developing and demonstrating the adaptation platform consisting of the following three elements: (1) multi-disciplinary actors-product-service model; (2) adaptation mechanism based on the knowledge and skills of actors involved with the system; (3) interactive collaborative distributed environment, where the actors work out the adaptation steps. The scientific breakthrough will be achieved by creating and validating a holistic system engineering structure that combines human-machine systems, product lifecycle management, business and organisational dynamics and lifecycle assessment.

The project is based on the human-machine-systems approach. Along product lifecycle, actor-product-service systems (APS) are continuously formed, Figure 1. The APS systems are continuously adapted to satisfy their changing goals and uncertain environment by changing APS parameters, procedures, and structure. The adaptation mechanism employs the human actors’ knowledge and skill potential via the interactive collaborative environment.


Figure 1 – Forming the APS system


The industry-led consortium is founded on 20 European Partners (Universities and companies) and on six complementary key industry sectors: energy, machinery, space, office workplace, vehicles, and ship building. UIW will enable new business for the manufacturers, their suppliers and subcontractors. It will open new opportunities for the customers. It will increase their competitive advantage by means of product-service agility, lower costs, shorter lead times, and reduced environmental impact. Finally, it will help to transform people’s knowledge and skills into product-service value thus strengthening Europe’s global competitiveness and securing domestic employment. With UIW, the more the product-service is used, the better it gets.

ALTEC is part of the space Cluster with TAS-I and Vastalla. The purpose of the cluster is to create a platform for design and management of reconfigurable mission or spacecraft. The Space Tug spacecraft system will be used as the operative scenario since the spacecraft is considered as a product/service, beyond the traditional services. UIW will add an additional layer, enabling a different view of the stakeholders involvement in the system development and operations.

ALTEC will considered as the “customer” of the Cluster and it will be involved in the project during the whole life-cycle, defining the operative requirements, mission scenarios and interfaces and performing their simulation and validation – Figure 2. Besides, ALTEC is WP4 Leader – Trials and Evaluation – and it will be in charge for the tests and evaluations phases that will be carried at Cluster level and project-wide level.


Figure 2 – Cluster description