ISS European Logistics Center

The on-orbit daily life of European laboratory (Columbus) requires a large effort of the logistic disciplines and Altec has been assigned by ESA as the International Space Station European Logistics Center. In order to act on behalf of ESA, Altec has been requested to be certified as Known Consignor (KC) and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

The dedicated tasks associated to the Altec role is listed below:

1.  Centralized spare warehouse.

Altec provide the following area and infrastructure:

  1. 150 cubic meters equipped with shelves and individually lockable cabinets for storage of flight and ground hardware. Part of the area of these 150 cubic meters is allocated to host Acceptance Data Packages and other documentation accompanying the assets.
  2. Additional 150 square meters with increased ceiling height for larger items to be stocked inside their transportation boxes.
  3. Area of Class 100.000 cleanliness condition to support any activity requiring flight h/w to be temporarily and directly exposed to the ambient environment.

2.  Ground inventory management.

The main task is to perform the assets tracking for spares and inventory items by conducting periodic physical inventory verification in the relevant warehouse facilities.

3.  Logistics Information System (L.I.S.) operations.

The Altec s/w L.I.S. allows the management of the various European warehouses in terms of control of the items quantity, locations and status.

4.  Logistics Engineering support.

These tasks are related to the spares management in terms of critical spares analysis (need to be used on orbit), launchability status (the component condition in view of its possible launch to Space Station for its use on-board), monitoring and assessment of depot capabilities.

5.  Ground logistics planning.

It refers to the planning of all Packaging Handling Storage & Transportation (PHS&T) tasks concerning a specific timeframe of the Columbus life (nominally slot of 6 months each). In addition Altec collect the associate logistics requirements and define the logistics support.

6.  Launch package logistics.

This activity focuses on the collection and consolidation of all data and documentation needed and required by NASA and/or Russia in order to launch and return ESA cargo on their vehicles.

7.  Packaging Handling Storage & Transportation (PHS&T).

It includes the execution and the monitoring of PHS&T activities of all ESA flight/ground h/w, experiments and biological samples to/from International Space Station.

8.  Ground h/w maintenance management.

It refers to the management of all on ground maintenance activities. It includes support to the troubleshooting and anomaly resolution efforts concerning the corrective and preventive maintenance activities.

9.  On-orbit inventory monitoring.

The Altec role is to maintain under control the current inventory on board the Columbus laboratory. It implies to follow all the items transition from one location to another in order to allow the crew to reach a required item promptly and to plan any refurbishment activity.

10. Launch package preparation & cargo review execution.

It implies the physical integration of the items into the delivery bags, ready to be launched to International Space Station.