Graduated at POLITECNICO di Torino in Aeronautical Engineering.

Recruited in 1980 by former  Aeritalia Space Group,  today Thales Alenia Space – Torino, he worked in the Structural design & Analysis Group till 1989; in 1982, he served the Italian Air Force as Officer Responsible of the Workshop in the  Reparto Sperimentale di Volo – Pratica di Mare.

He was technical responsible of  Structure and Mechanisms of the Italian Tethered Satellite and Study Manager for the Pre-Phase A of ESA Scientific Satellite ARISTOTELES.

From 1989 to 2001, he was Program Manager for Alenia of several programs, e.g.:

HELIOS Case d’Adaptation & HELIOS/SPOT4 Plateforme, in Phase B & C/D. (HELIOS being a military satellite for Earth Observation, resulting from France, Italy, Spain cooperation).

ESA SOHO (Service Module Structure and Harness, SOHO being a Solar Observation Satellite).

ESA ARD (ARD (Atmospheric Re-entry Demonstrator), Thermal Control and measurement chain harness of re-entry demonstration capsule, launched with the second Ariane 5 flight).

ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle, European Cargo for the International Space Station). Responsible of the Integrated Cargo Carrier (i.e. the forward half of ATV, inclusive of the pressurized module used by the astronauts for loading and unloading activities as well as  the docking system and the refuel, water and air delivery systems.

Since 2001 he is the Technical Responsible of ALTEC, nominated Operations Director in 2010.

From June 2016 he is Director of Programmes, Exploration, Science & Operations, now named Programs and Operations Director, with the responsibility of Program Management, Purchasing, Engineering, Infrastructures, Project and industrial control, Product Assurance and Safety.