On 30 May 2019, the ExoMars 2020 Rover Operations Control Center (ROCC) was inaugurated at ALTEC. The ROCC is the center that will receive daily from Mars the telemetry data of the Rover and will send the sequences of commands to indicate to the Rover which activities to carry out day by day (or better, sol by sol) on the Red Planet, once landed and the exit phase from the landing platform is completed.

The sequences of commands that will take shape at the ROCC will allow the Rover to move on the Martian surface and to carry out the scientific experiments for which it was designed. During the day the different areas of the ROCC were inaugurated and presented to the public, mainly the Mars Terrain Simulator (MTS) with all its facilities and different areas of the Center: the main room for control and monitoring (MCR) and the decision rooms, at scientific level (SOWGR), at engineering level (ESR) and at strategic planning level (PRR).

At the ROCC Inauguration Day, in addition to the President of ALTEC, Massimo Fabio Grimaldi, and the Chief Executive Officer of ALTEC, Vincenzo Giorgio, the leaders of Thales Alenia Space Italy were also present, as well as the Heads of ESA, Johann-Dietrich W├Ârner Director General and David Parker Director of Human Exploration and Robotics. Vice Admiral Carlo Massagli made a speech on behalf of the Italian Space Agency and the Interministerial Committee for Space. The mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino also took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, bringing greetings on behalf of the City of Turin.