The 30th of November 2018 ALTEC has launched two light unmanned free balloons from the Torino Aeritalia Airport.

The operations took place near the runway, validating the site for stratospheric balloons missions like the Levaldigi and Biella airports during last years. The Aeritalia airport is very interesting because from that site it is possible to execute pollution and air-quality measurements of the Torino metropolitan area, in addition to the other standard scientific missions.

The ALTEC team performed the first launch at 11:50 and the second one at 12:50, demonstrating the feasibility of multiple and parallel flights from one or more regional sites. This capability is useful for continuous coverage of target areas and/or synchronized measurements from different points of view.

Launch authorizations and operations have been executed in collaboration with the local air traffic authority (AFIS) and following a specific procedure previously prepared and agreed.

Moreover, the initiative had the objective to simulate the launch of a heavy stratospheric payload with the special technique that uses a second auxiliary balloon. This effort in intended to support a new interest from the Italian Space Agency, which has recently executed a heavy stratospheric balloon launch from Svalbard called OLIMPO  in collaboration with Roma University “La Sapienza” and it is involved in the H2020 Project HEMERA.