Solar Simulation Chamber

  1. Within the SCORE project, ALTEC realized at its facilities a laboratory for testing of optical instruments with high sensitivity characteristics, for space utilization (Payload Optical Systems – OPSys – Laboratory).


This laboratory was designed and built to provide on an ongoing basis:

  •   a controlled environment cleanliness class 10K, compliant with international standards (7) that define the stringent environmental control requirements for the environments used for the production of flight components
  •   adequate technical infrastructures for the realization of the project and to host and maintain over time:

  1. a chamber similar to the one currently installed at the Naval Research Laboratory having the following characteristics:
  •   solar simulation (hard, visible, XUV)
  •   mass accommodate up to 175 kg, 1 m diameter x 5 m. length
  •   pointing accuracy <1 arc-second
  •   synchrotron level vacuum
  •   three-axis stabilized

  1. The calibration and testing of space SCORE coronagraph.

This calibration and testing activity is carried out by INAF-OATO c/o ALTEC in close connection with U.S. partners (NASA) which have made the experiment "Sounding-rocket Coronagraphic Experiment".

  1. The calibration and test of METIS Experiment (Multi Element Telescope for Imaging and Spectroscopy), able to acquire solar corone images both on visible field (as SCORE) and UHV