ALTEC, as responsible for the management and operations of the CMFS infrastructures, offers the followings:

  • a Neutral Buoyancy Test Facility (NBTF) to allow the simulation of activities typical of a reduced gravity environment. It can also be utilized for research and development in industrial, scientific and medical fields, training of Institutional Organization personnel, testing of diving equipments and education;
  • a Mars and Moon Terrain Demonstrator to test the development of exploration technologies;
  • technical areas where temperature, humidity, air and environment cleanliness are controlled and kept within predefined limits: a Green Room (class 500,000) and a Clean Room (class 100,000) of approximately 900 square meters each;
  • classrooms and spaces for training and dissemination of scientific and technological space activities and dedicates areas for the preparation of exhibitions and workshops (eg. auditorium, exhibition hall).