The city of Turin

The metropolitan area of Turin includes the set of suburban municipalities included in what is historically known as the Crown of Delights, the ring formed by the royal residences located outside the city. 
The most important attraction is the city of Turin and its cultural offerings: museums, sites and monuments, contemporary art, major events, industry tourism and the Royal Residences located in the city center and in the metropolitan area, as well as the local cuisine. The city of Turin has been for centuries a cutting-edge center, attentive to technological innovation and economic development. That's why the historical old industrial buildings are now amazing tourist attractions complemented by modern exhibition centers.
The most fascinating example is the conversion of the Lingotto factory into an exhibition, commercial, cultural and shopping center; in the same way the former power station of the “Officine Lancia” is now the home of the Merz Foundation. In the city that has put Italy on four wheels, how not to mention the important Automobile Museum. In the province, it ranges from the Talc Mine of Prali to the Nobel Dynamite of Avigliana, up to the Textile Museum of Chieri.
A special mention deserves the MAAM of Ivrea, open-air museum of Modern Architecture, which offers an exciting journey inside one of the most representative Italian industries reality of the twentieth century. Turin firms also become protagonists of a fascinating and original itinerary in the footsteps of the big names of the local economy, with the initiative "Made in Turin – Tour the Excellent ": tourists and visitors can learn about the realities of the production area to discover its secrets and commitment thanks to which the Turin brands have become famous in the world.

The strong link between the Italian Aerospace sector, the city of Turin and the Piedmont Region
Piedmont, and in particular the area surrounding the city of Turin, hosts a major aerospace district with over 10.000 employees spread across 6 major companies and over 400 small and medium sized firms, 3 universities and 3 research centers offering a scientific contribution at international excellence level that develop a turnover higher than 1.8 billion Euros.
The technical and production skills of the companies that form the Piedmont's aerospace industry, both in manufacturing and technical services sectors, are highly qualified to be able to respond to the needs of the multiple segments of the aeronautics and space market. Downstream the supply chain operate a few large companies and factories of major industrial groups, national leaders widely known internationally, such as Thales-Alenia Space, Alenia Aeronautica, Avio, Selex Galileo, Microtecnica and  ALTEC SpA. They are responsible for the development and production of avionics and electronic systems, radar, flight simulators, space propulsion systems, scientific satellites systems and space infrastructure, modules for aircraft engines, aircraft or aircraft segments: their applications range from civil transport to scientific applications, from telecommunications to defense.
Upstream the supply chain operates a set of several companies, small and medium-sized subcontracting firms that have technologies and manufacturing processes compatible with technical standards (quality, precision and ability in dealing with special materials, etc.) requested by the aerospace industry.
These companies manufacture parts or perform special processing. Complete the industrial chain all those businesses that support the manufacturing with the provision of technical and industrial services, ranging from design to modeling, from industrial design to structural analysis, but also include the production of specialized software and execution of laboratory tests.

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