•   The strong support of ASI to the ISS flight elements development
  •   The pre-eminent role of THALES ALENIA SPACE  among ISS main industrial suppliers
  •   The interest of LOCAL GOVERNMENT authorities aimed at consolidating a high technology presence on the Piedmont territory

With these assumptions, and thanks to the close coordination between ASI, Thales Alenia Space and the local Government authorities, the Multi-Functional Space Center (CMFS) was built in Turin by the ICARUS ScpA consortium. Simultaneously the company ALTEC SpA was established to manage and operate the CMFS, providing a wide range of engineering services, starting with the support to the operations and utilization of the ISS.

The company ICARUS S.C.p.A. found in the industrial area of Alenia in C.so Marche a run-down industrial hangar, unused since the early '90s and, with a radical restructuring, created the infrastructure that now houses the CMFS. ICARUS became the owner of the property and instructed the company ALTEC SpA (Advanced Logistics Technology Engineering Center), established in April 2003, to manage and run the CMFS Center.