The Multi-Functional Space Centre (CMFS) was inaugurated in 2003 to coincide with the beginning of ALTEC activities.  The CMFS is owned by the Company ICARUS SCpA (public majority) whose shareholders are:

  • Leonardo Global Solutions S.p.A. – 53,06%
  • Finpiemonte Partecipazioni – 22,09%
  • Comune di Torino – 16,57%
  • Camera di Commercio – 8,28%


The CMFS structure consists of a total area of 23800 square meters. The covered area of 9000 square meters houses controlled and technological environments, clean rooms and various facilities.

ALTEC, as responsible for the management and operations of the CMFS infrastructures, offers the followings:

  •   a Neutral Buoyancy Test Facility (NBTF) to allow the simulation of activities typical of a reduced gravity environment. It can also be utilized for research and development in industrial, scientific and medical fields, training of Institutional Organization personnel, testing of diving equipments and education;
  •   a Mars and Moon Terrain Demonstrator to test the development of exploration technologies;
  •   technical areas where temperature, humidity, air and environment cleanliness are controlled and kept within predefined limits: a Green Room (class 500,000) and a Clean Room (class 100,000) of approximately 900 square meters each;
  •   classrooms and spaces for training and dissemination of scientific and technological space activities and dedicates areas for the preparation of exhibitions and workshops (eg. auditorium, exhibition hall).