ALTEC operates in the innovative field of space activities.  Its mission is to provide high-tech services in support of space agencies, institutional bodies, industrial operators, scientific and academic communities. ALTEC serves as an instrument of local authorities, to support initiatives dedicated to the increase of competitiveness and innovation of the regional production system potential. ALTEC, as responsible for the management and operations of the CMFS, offers the followings:

  •   engineering services and logistics support for space infrastructure;
  •   archiving services, distribution and data processing for scientific applications, environmental protection and training aimed at space agencies and institutions, government agencies and the scientific and academic community;
  •   a Mars and Moon Terrain Demonstrator to test the development of exploration technologies;
  •   technical areas where temperature, humidity, air and environment purity are controlled and kept within predefined limits: a Green Room (class 500,000) and a Clean Room (class 100,000) of approximately 900 square meters each;
  •   the Neutral Buoyancy Test Facility (NBTF) to allow the simulation of activities typical of a reduced gravity environment. It can also be utilized for research and development in industrial, scientific and medical fields, training of Institutional Organization personnel, testing of diving equipments and education;
  •   services for promotion, training and dissemination of scientific and technological space activities and dedicates areas for the preparation of exhibitions and workshops (eg. auditorium, exhibition hall).