Position Title: DATA SCIENTIST

ALTEC is involved in Science and Technological Programme in the aerospace domain where data driven approaches and methodologies are emerging as necessary to develop applications starting from the existing or new data archives . The Data Processing System and Scientific and Technological Application group host the engineers, physicists and mathematicians who are involved in the development of scientific and technological application based on machine learning techniques. They are developed not only to fulfill mission objectives but also to maximize the information value extracted from collected data  in the post-mission through data exploitation.


  • You will be part of the team that is in charge of the definition, implementation, validation and maintenance of artificial intelligence application in various aerospace domains (Navigation, Planetary Exploration, Astrophysics, etc..).
  • You will work in close collaboration with the software engineers, data scientists, mission operators and infrastructure engineer during project phases.
  • You will be expected to endeavor for innovation and excellence in machine learning within the aerospace domain.


A MSc or equivalent degree in: software or computer engineering, math and physics.

Knowledge of machine and deep learning algorithms and techniques applied in academic or industrial projects

Ability to define a machine learning application in terms of:

  • gathering and analysis of user requirements,
  • definition of the application,
  • data selection and pre-processing,
  • identification of classes of ML algorithms to be explored,
  • definition, implementation, training and validation of the models and finally,
  • application release for production

In-depth knowledge of object-oriented programming and functional programming with programming experience such as Pyhton, Scala and R.

Knowledge and ability to use platforms and tools for ML: TensorFlow, Keras, Sci-KitLearn, ML Flow and etc.

Knowledge and ability to use analytics engines such as Spark and Flink and data analysis tools such as Pandas.

Ability to use Big Data systems such as the Hadoop ecosystem (hdfs, Hive).

Knowledge of the SQL query language.

Skills in the area of ​​NoSQL databases, in particular the ElasticSearch system.

Knowledge of the Linux operating system and scripting languages.

Ability to use the following development tools: Notebook, gitlab, Maven, Ant, Ivy.

Ability to use debugging tools, perform troubleshooting and profiling an application running in a distributed environment.

Knowledge of container technology, Docker in particular.


  • Problem Solving
  • Result oriented
  • Operational efficiency
  • Fostering Cooperation
  • Relationship Management
  • Continuous Improvement


Experience in Agile methodologies would be a further asset.