Position Title: COSMO (ISS Columbus Maintenance and Stowage Officer)

The candidate will be certified as ISS Columbus Maintenance and Stowage Officer (COSMO) part of the Columbus Flight Control Team.

In the frame of the certification process the following experience will be achieved:

  • solid knowledge of the ISS Columbus and IP processes and rules;

  • solid skills in real time support/operations

  • Detailed knowledge of Columbus and payloads element operations baseline


The following main activities will be executed:

  • Planning and execution of Logistics Engineering & Maintenance tasks

  • Development of Flight ODF procedures

  • Direct interface with Flight Control Team and with Astronauts on ISS (real time and offline)

  • Generation and review of real-time products (e.g. COL-CC Flight Notes (CFN), COL-CC Internal Notes (CIN), COL-CC Anomaly Reports (AR), MCC-H Internal Notes (IN) or Flight Notes (EFN), NASA/ESA Chits)

  • Development and review of JEDI messages related to COSMO activities and products

  • Generation and update of Stowage Notes for Columbus ESA activities

  • Offline support to anomaly response and resolution process related to Columbus mechanical hardware/mechanisms and crew support systems in Columbus

  • Assessment of Operational documentation (e.g. Operations Interface Procedures (OIP), Joint OIP (JOIP), procedures, Flight Rules, NASA changes)

  • Support to development of crew training products

  • Support to and coordination of Columbus Configuration update


  • Master degree in aeronautical / aerospace engineering
  • Excellent knowledge of English language (spoken and written)


  • Organized and methodical with strong communication skills
  • Good attitude towards teaming and multi-disciplinary approaches
  • System level approach with proactive approach interfacing with other disciplines
  • Attitude towards innovation and problem solving