Fausto Perri, Amantea 01-31-1943


Physics Degree – 1966 – University of Rome La Sapienza – Rome, Italy

Ph. D.  Degree – 1975 – Yeshiva University – New York, USA


President e-GEOS S.p.A. (2005-2012)

e-Geos company, a subsidiary of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), operates in the area of satellite data and images.

It manages the Giuseppe Colombo Space Center in  Matera (Space Geodesy and Remote Sensing).
Vicepresident  Italian  Space Agency (2004-2006)

The Italian Space Agency manages the Italian Space Program with an annual budget of  500 million euro.

Other assignments for the Italian Government (1981-1985)

Ministry of the State Participations technical consultant in the field of technological innovation and space activities.

Member of the Ministerial Committee for the Coordination of aerospace industries

Member of the Interdepartmental Committee for the Coordination for technological innovation


CEO Finitalia Servizi Group  (1986-2000)

The Finitalia Servizi Group is specialized in the field of information technology in the following areas: cultural assets, health, tourism, public education, cartography.

Consultancies (1972-1985)

For Telespazio S.p.A. company (Group IRI – STET) to develop technical elaboration of Earth Observation satellites data.

For the National Aerospace Company as expert in charge for orbit and asset control of Sirio satellite.

For the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for monitoring earth resources with artificial satellites.

For the Sistemi Aeronautici Company for the study of Italian aeronautics industrial scenarios.


Academic positions:

Assistant Professor of Classical Mechanics, (Rome University 1968-1970)

Assistant Professor of Physical Mathematical Methods, ( Rome University 1970-75)

Adjunct Professor of Calculus, (Rome University 1975-1986)

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, (American University of Rome 1975-1986)

President Numerical Calculus Commission–Department of Mathematics-Rome University

Research Activity

With the National Research Council for the Space Activity Commission in collaboration with Prof. Giuseppe Colombo for space feasibility studies (tethered satellite,  lagrangian point missions).

Fulbright Grant of the Commission for the Cultural Exchanges Italy-United States

Research Grant of the Yeshiva University, New York 1969-1972


Professor of Mathematics – University of Mogadiscio – Somalia (1979)

Member of the Board of Trustees of the American Overseas School of Rome

English language, good knowledge